CNC world news reported the Summer Fine Art Exhibition London-1

CNC world news reported the Summer Fine Art Exhibition London-2

CNC world news reported the Summer Fine Art Exhibition London-3

China Youku video website

The Great Encyclopedia of International Art - ART UNIVERSAL, Italy.

The most authoritative yearbook of international art - ARTISTI 2020 , Italy.

Segnalati by Salvatore Russo,Italy famous international art critic.

Catalogue of International Artist of The Year 2019, Mantuva, Italy.

Catalogue of Barcelona biennale and Velazquez International Prize

Art International Contemporary Magazine, Italy.

Artwork “Angel heart” was printed in Art International Contemporary Magazine.


Yunnan pictorial, China.

Artworks "Four seasons" series, from March 2017 to December, continuously published in the journal of Yunnan pictorial, this is the only government of Yunnan province for domestic and overseas public offering of core journals. Pu Wei became the magazine's first continuously promoted artist in 60 years.


Chinese, South Korean and Japanese intangible cultural heritage international academic seminar art exhibition publication

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The German newspaper “Lahrer Zeitung” published Pu Wei's ""Sunflowers"

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