Artist Pu Wei

The Paintbrush artist Pu Wei, a native of Kunming, Yunnan, China, is well-known as an “innovative color of Surupa painting” artist in China. She was reported in Chinese influential art webs, magazines and newspapers, TVs, CNC world news, participated in international art exhibitions in New York,  London, Paris, Strasbourg, Miami, San Diego, Italy, Spain, Portugal etc.

Contemporary Chinese painting - Color of Surupa series are full of colors, lights and shadows, artistic conceptions and prospects, using Chinese ink and brushes, water, rice paper and natural pigments.


Pu Wei is drawing

Vajra lotus

Vajra lotus, will not burn to death, the soul lives forever.

Angel heart

Angel heart,International Prize BOTTICELLI, 2019, Florence, Italy.

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Recent artworks

Code: pw2020-10, 90cm×98cm (unframed), rice paper, water and ink, natural pigments.

Code: pw2020-9, 90cm×98cm (unframed), rice paper, water and ink, natural pigments.

Code: pw2020-8, 90cm×98cm (unframed), rice paper, water and ink, natural pigments.

Code: pw2020-2, 68cm×68cm (unframed), rice paper, water and ink, natural pigments.

Code: pw2020-1, 68cm×68cm (unframed), rice paper, water and ink, natural pigments.

Four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, four pictures. Each one: 180cm high, 45cm wide.

Recent events

Biennale dei Normanni, September 12-18, 2020, Monreale, Italy.

Artwork-Rainbow Fountain was exhibited in Biennale dei Normanni, September 12-18, 2020, Modern and Contemporary Art Museum G. Sciortino, Monreale, Italy.

The Great Encyclopedia of International Art - ART UNIVERSAL

The Great Encyclopedia of International Art - ART UNIVERSAL - was born to catalog painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic designers, performers from all over the world. Within this publication, the director of the Art International Contemporary Magazine, Salvatore Russo will deal with the Encyclopedic Dossiers of in-depth study on modern and contemporary art. The aim is to "historicize" the work of selected contemporary artists, in order to insert them in that circuit of art that made famous the greatest Masters of the 20th century.

Salvator Russo is an outstanding critic. I thank him with full of admiration for his criticism, which all in line with my creation idea. He gave me a great criticism:

Pu Wei’s painting is a type scratchy, dark painting that has within itself the hidden enigmas of the artist’s soul. Linguistic power. Creative energy, Dynamism of a sign that is never static. These are the essential characteristics of her painting, which finds in the cosmos its analysis of profound research.

A painting that explores the enigmas of the mind and visually traces its dictates. A great sign synthesis, enriched by a chromaticism always very sought after, characterizes the work of Pu Wei, An artist whose visions lay the foundations for a new contemporary art.

Through an essential sign, she succeeds in the difficult task of communicating the unknown, An unknown that Pu Wei brings to the knowledge of the bystander through its shapes and colors. The artist develops her own sign and chromatic geometry, New visual architectures make their appearance and thus fascinate the gaze of the bystander, who cannot help but observe with admiration the painting of this excellent interpreter of contemporary art.

I want to compare the artist’s creations to powerful volcanic eruptions, Eruptions that are characterized by the magmatic power with which the color invades, in my view a completely legitimate way, the canvas; which thus becomes a real battlefield, A battle that the knights of light fight against armies dressed in shadow. A battle that has the final outcome, the triumph of an art that has as its objective, that of narrating beauty, through real rainbows of light.

In observing these works, We immediately realize the greet harmony with which they are made. Pu Wei succeeds in the difficult task of shaping the light, A light that takes on infinite sign and color shades.

——Dr. Salvatore Russo

Being there is HISTORY. The famous art critics Luca Beatrice, Angelo Crespi, Philippe Daverio, Francesco Saverio Russo, Salvatore Russo, Sandro Serradifalco, Edoardo Sylos Labini, and Vittorio Sgarbi will enrich the volume with texts of art history.

Segnalati by Salvatore Russo,Italy famous international art critic

The exhibition in Portugal, at Lisbon, with the project SEGNALATI, that took place from 16 to 19 November (First Exhibition) 20 to 23 November (second Exhibition), in the stunning exhibition hall of the "Meeting Art" of Lisbon.

I am honored to be as one of 60 international artists selected by Salvatore Russo who is a famous Italian international art critic. Two of my works were published in SEGNALATI directed by Salvatore Russo, and he gave me a great critique.

“Water and fire. Dragon and Condor. All this comes to life through the painting of Pu Wei. The cold of water seems to make love with the heat of the fire. Her meditations taste like infinity. Infinity that examines the beauties of our world and contemplates them in silence. Hers, is an art that gets directly to the heart. An Art that is characterized by a rare-made chromatic romanticism.Through her visual arguments, Pu Wei leads the bystander in what is a new reality. A reality that does not take into account the rational action of the sign. A reality free from all external conditioning. ”

----------Salvatore Russo


Biennale dei Normanni, September 12-18, 2020, Modern and Contemporary Art Museum G. Sciortino, Monreale, Italy.


Spectrum Miami 2019, Dec. 4 - 8, Miami’s Wynwood Art Distric, Florida, USA.


SEGNALATIT, the exhibition in Portugal, at Lisbon, from 20 to 23 November 2019, in the stunning exhibition hall of the "Meeting Art" of Lisbon.


Art San Diego 2019, Oct. 10 -13, San Diego convention center, California, USA.


The 5th annual Autumnal digital art and photo show, September 26-28, 2019. New York City.


The Mantua (Mantova) Contemporary Art BIENNALE - Mantova Artexpo, June 8 - 16, 2019, Italy. Won the award "Artist of the year 2019".


The 3rd Bienal de Barcelona, April 5 - 7, 2019, Spain. Won the Velazquez International Prize.


International Prize BOTTICELLI, February 9, 2019, Florence, Italy.


Salon des beaux arts 2018 in Paris, Dec. 13-16


Winter international art salon in Strasbourg 2018, Dec. 6-9


Light - Digital Art Exhibition & Fundraiser in NYC & Miami, 2018, Dec. 5-9


Tribeca Art + Culture Night 2018, Sept. 26-29, NYC.


Summer Fine Art Exhibition London, 22 August- 3 September 2018


“Shine” art show,NYC, June 21-22, 2018


Universal language 2, June 5-9, London


New York Artexpo 2018, April 19-22, solo exhibition


Chinese, South Korean and Japanese intangible cultural heritage international academic seminar art exhibition. July 3-6, 2018


The 3rd international painting festival, November 17-20, 2017, Hawaii, USA.